the pivot program

"In one session, my life was changed."

- E. Chavez, Employee Development Coach, Care Manager, and Single Mom.

Our vocation is not separate from our life. It affects our life and our life affects it. They interact in ways that influence our energy, time, finances, purpose, relationships, mood, health, and spiritual wellbeing.

Are your life and work aligned? Do they reflect your core values? Do they complement one another in ways that lead to more satisfying experiences?

The PIVOT Program is a 5-step coaching program proven to uncover what we want from our work and our life... and how to live the balance.

1. Dive deep into what matters most
2. Create and articulate a clear vision
3. Clear the way of obstacle, doubts, and fears
4. Take aligned steps, and
5. Speak with confidence to your colleagues and loved ones.

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