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Can Your Team Adapt and Pivot When Necessary?
Turn Obstacles into Opportunities.
A Leader in the Outer Life is First a Leader in The Inner Life.
Lacking an Actionable Vision? It’s Time to Get Your Team
Healthy Futures for New Mexico Businesses.

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We take the future of your business seriously. As we all move through the current crisis in an attempt to remain relevant, Pivotal Consulting is oriented towards its next iteration. We will help you stay relevant by exploring new opportunities for business development, facilitate a current-state SWOTT+3 w/ action plan, and keep your team connected and purposeful. We utilize the latest in video conferencing and remote accountability platforms.


Pivotal Consulting

I am passionate about helping organizations - and the people who work within them succeed. My partners and I provide strategy development, execution frameworks, and coaching services to leaders and their teams who want to consciously improve teamwork, clarity, communication, and predictability. Working together, we develop an execution strategy to produce clear goals that elicit potential, performance, and profitability.

Founded in 2007 as an employee training company focused on burn out prevention for healthcare professionals, we have grown to work nationally and internationally throughout the industry spectrum. We now work with New Mexico organizations that impact the local economy, create opportunities, and improve community wellbeing.


We exist in order to build trusting partnerships that bring clear direction, simplifying the challenges of scaling an organization.

Our Core Purpose is to:

Measurably improve strategic execution in New Mexico organizations, and

 Create workplace cultures that generate resilient and profitable entities providing growth opportunities for employees and the communities they impact.

We work with intentional leaders and their teams to build trusting partnerships, solve complex problems, and implement scalable processes. Pivotal Consulting is founded on the principles stated above: people, strategy, execution, and growth. These have been my personal principles in life - and they work. The reality is that people make a business successful in recruiting and on boarding, marketing and sales, customer relations, process improvement, and culture. Why not invest in their success?

Serving New Mexico's
Private and Public Sector

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our team

Ben Thomson

I’ve been supporting leaders since 2007 with consulting services, effective leadership coaching and customized training programs based on my real-world experience to achieve real-world results. My partners and I grow companies that lead to satisfying work opportunities for people living and working in New Mexico. At times this involves developing novel team building activities that engage team members in working together, solving complex problems for themselves and their clients, and making better decisions. At other times, I work with leadership teams to identify what processes need improvement, learn how to make improvements, then do it. I’ve discovered that when we start with why, articulate and share a core purpose, clarify the vision and document a clear strategy, we make choices that are aligned and responsive to our needs - in the moment, and for the long view.

My master’s degree at San Francisco State University was in Developmental Psychology and Holistic Health and I am a Certified Martial Art Instructor, all of which led to an interest in the importance of psychological, physical and vocational health for the attainment of higher goals in work and in life. Born in Scotland, I moved to California in my teen years enjoying an enriching life in the Bay Area. I now find New Mexico to be a special place to live. As such, it is my home. I love the vistas, the feeling of openness, and the unique opportunities I’ve discovered here. In some ways, New Mexico reminds me of Scotland with its vast expanses, rugged terrain, and rebellious culture. I’m fortunate to be able to enjoy the outdoors, contemplate the purpose of life, and watch my three-legged dog chase rabbits - and never catch one!

Christopher G. Kenny, J.D.

I inspire purpose-driven leaders to bring their vision to life. I do that by giving them the clarity they need to make great decisions. I am a certified coaching partner to business and nonprofit executives. For 10 years, I was president of a closely held, for-profit enterprise and led that company back to profitability during a period of tremendous market uncertainty. As an entrepreneur, I helped launch a successful human resource management company. For over five years I served as the governing body president of a nonprofit charter school. Prior to my business career, I practiced business law at two international law firms; I remain licensed to practice law in New Mexico. I am a lifelong learner. My various formal credentials and education include the following:

 Certified Business and Nonprofit Coach, Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches (July 2018 – present)
 Certified Business and Nonprofit Coach, Gazelles International (October 2013 – June 2018)
  Certified WHY Institute Coach
 Juris Doctor, Georgetown University Law Center
 B.A., Economics (cum laude), Georgetown University

I live with my wife and family in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Native to New Mexico, I began consulting in order to bring my data-driven decision-making philosophy and experience to local small and midsize companies that seek a competitive edge. I help businesses define and measure success then align the entire organization around achievable goals. A doer focused on overcoming obstacles, my approach to analysis and planning is to DO great things. My credentials include an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Accounting from NMSU, Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from ConocoPhillips, and Strategic Planning Certification from University of Chicago.


start-to-finish Coaching and Consulting, Effective Leadership Development, and customized training programs

If you own or manage a business, you likely hire and plan strategically for your future, manage personnel, and try to eliminate problems that interfere with profit, performance, productivity and client service.

Pivotal Consulting understands the challenges that leaders face, from managing personnel, to operations, marketing, process-control and public image/brand.

We’ve been helping business leaders since 2007 with hands-on consulting services, effective leadership coaching and customized training programs based on our real-world experience to achieve real-world results.

Keep reading to find out how we can help your organization excel.



We deliver award-winning training and business development tools to support growth in organizations that positively impact local communities. Areas of specialty include:

Strategic Execution

Developing “A” Players

Agile Growth Framework

Predictable Growth


Key Process Improvement


Employee Engagement

Customer Relations

We emancipate leaders and their team members to make great decisions, improving profitability by 1.5 to 2x annually by:

  • Attracting and On-Boarding the Right Talent
  • Articulating and Living a Core Purpose and Core Values
  • Co-Creating Team Commitment
  • Building Trust and Accountability
  • Improving Clarity and Communication
  • Achieving Organizational Health
  • Understanding Stakeholder’s Needs
  • Designing Systems and Structures for Success
  • Training New Leaders/Owners for Succession Planning

operating principles


We are committed to listening to our client’s needs, concerns and aims; speaking openly and honestly with all stakeholders throughout the consulting and coaching process; and offering a sincere assessment of what we see and our ability to deliver.


We guide leaders and their teams through strategy development and execution frameworks that develop individuals into empathic, team-oriented A-Players. We ensure staff are aware of their significance to and roles in the strategic plan.


Our success is dependent upon your success; therefore, Pivotal Consulting does not accept projects that we are not confident we can successfully facilitate in a timely manner, within budget, and to our agreed-upon outcomes. We are in the business of facilitating your success - grounded in a shared core purpose.

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pivotal human performance®

Our Model of Organizational Health

Pivotal Human Performance® evolved from an ancient and unknown system describing human development. Prior to industrialization, people were more connected to how things work, the roles that each person occupies in a system, and how to ensure a complete cycle of creation is accounted for, i.e., there are no gaps in a system. Our process is based on these principles to ensure individuals and organizations operate at their fullest potential. This model has been implemented in schools, corporate environments, hospitals, tech companies, construction, architecture, and startups.

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1. engage

As A Visionary

Engagement and connection are the first steps in generating aligned, collaborative, effective and trusting relationships. Without healthy engagement, a shared vision cannot develop.

2. aim

Know your self
align with the vision

The things you do daily, weekly, monthly, must align with our vision and be within our genius zone. Otherwise, the direction will change. Enthusiastic, driven, tactical and big-picture thinkers are needed to maintain traction toward their goals.

3. Train

build Trust
Support one another
challenge up

Training and development are for everyone. Personal and professional development, when done together in a trusting and challenging environment, brings us to our higher potential. This state fuels perpetual growth whether in size, depth, or impact.

4. grow

Manage Conflict
Overcome Obstacles

Our growth as individuals, teams, and organizations requires self-awareness, perseverance, and energy. Seeing what is true, what needs to happen, discovering solutions, and managing conflicts become healthy habits through this cycle.


CONTINUOUSLY Align the team 
grow your organization

This cycle initiates the process of Pivotal Human Performance®. As a result, strategic execution becomes a cultural norm, individuals and teams align, and business processes, customer relations, and success improve measurably and perpetually.

and Optimize

The result of our coaching renders you - the leader - and your team oriented toward success in a self-perpetuating manner affecting talent, on-boarding, internal and external engagement, entrepreneurial spirit, and process and performance improvement. Leaders who plan and execute strategically achieve real results for themselves and their communities.

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By training teams in each of these phases of the leadership cycle and subsequently focusing on the building blocks or “spokes” therein, we have helped leaders construct their abilities and create highly functional organizations. Through our sincere, strategic and success-driven process, we help you build and sustain a healthy leadership team and a resilient organization, the unshakable core of a healthy, successful and thriving community.


What our clients say

"We have worked with Ben periodically over the past three years to help us focus on leadership development, team building, quality assurance and process improvement plans. I am happy to say that our facility was recently recognized by the AHCA/NCAL for LTC Facility's Quality Initiative Recognition Program and we were honored at the annual national luncheon. Our accomplishments, with Ben's help, improves the lives of the residents and individuals we serve."

Sharon Inoue

Thanks for the many ways you've stepped up to the challenges that have faced our evolution - and those that have intensified - amidst the health crisis, from leading meaningful and fun team building events via Zoom (with breakout rooms!), to finding ways to support crucial team members navigate a path forward and keeping us accountable to our vision.

Allison Johnson
Communication Specialist, Apex Evaluation

"A healthy internal organizational culture is key to business success. Thanks to Ben and his work with my whole team, we're in the NZONE!"

John R. Fox
President, Southwestern Title & Escrow; Fox Law Firm, PC

“Ben’s training has given me the skills to have a more fulfilling personal life and career.  Others around me seem to gravitate more to me for guidance. Ben is skilled in techniques that bring a positive perspective to nearly any challenging situation. I could not recommend Ben Thomson and his programs more highly.”

Louise Yakey
Employee/Community Educator, Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center

“For all those who feel they are too busy and preoccupied with the endless personal and professional challenges of life, Ben offers a very effective, broad range of integrated methods to balance, rejuvenate and align your work-life.”

Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D.
Consultant, Learning Transformation, Innovation, and Design at Citizen

“Ben has been an influential thinking partner for Apex over the past few years. I attribute our success to our shared values and Ben's ability to communicate and facilitate our thinking, introducing us to relevant resources and holding us accountable for execution. Ben has helped us articulate and pursue goals around talent development and team building, quality of services and deliverables, growth, and business development.”

Carlos Romero, MBA
President, Senior Evaluator, Apex Evaluation

“Thanks to Ben & Chris, Sierra Peaks developed a clear understanding of our core ideology, enhanced our cultural alignment, and made significant strides towards our 3-year and 10-year strategic goals. I was very impressed by how they took the core values of our company and made them tangible to every executive leader.”

Kyle Schrader
Director of Operations, Sierra Peaks Corporation

“She is an innate problem-solver; her analysis not only demonstrated the statistics, numbers, and trends but she offered practical solutions with action items that we relied upon to improve productivity, profitability, and process.”

Luis Aragon
COO, American Surgical Professionals

“Following the off-site training with Ben, I found that a couple of my employees who weren't a good fit left our organization and soon were replaced with ideal team players. We now have a team who embraces accountability, teamwork, communication and compassion. This was the goal of our work with Pivotal Consulting.”

Leslie Van Pelt
Owner, Comfort Keepers

The Remarkable Self:

A Manual for the New Leader

Discover the inner art
of leadership and our secret to human performance.
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The Remarkable Self, A Manual for the New Leader

Praise for The Remarkable Self

“Like a piece of fine, dark chocolate, The Remarkable Self is  intensely satisfying, rich, bold and thoroughly restorative. Ben  Thomson, has incorporated his vast experience to expertly guide  his readers through the process of remaking, and recovering that  which is remarkable in all of us.  This is the type of book that begs  for coffee stains, dogeared corners and notes in its margins.” 

Kristin Carmichael, LISW, MBA
Author: X That Ex: Making A Clean Break When The Relationship Is Over

“Ben calls leadership out by way of developing oneself in relationship to life and humanity. His approach offers the opportunity for deep, personal development and fulfillment, which is the only true means of becoming a great leader. The Remarkable Self: A Manual for the New Leader is a strength-based, many layered, hands on tool that  emerged from Ben’s own journey of being. What a gift!”

Camille Adair, RN
Nurse Educator, Filmmaker: Solace: Wisdom of the Dying

"If Sun Tzu's Art of War was the manual for the aggressive broker, your book is the ultimate humanitarian approach to business success."

Jason Gleichman, Chef
Second Street Brewery